From full page magazine ads in international publications, to folded brochures, to flyers and posters, Surf Star Media handles print advertising for local mom and pops and large corporations concerned with concise and elegant advertising. Rather than simply disseminating your information, captivate your target market with memorable advertising.


Surf Star Media handles large print design and layout projects such as catalogs, media guides, programs, and business booklets. Crafting a well thought out layout with stunning visuals and superb content will impress clients and customers while building your brand and reputation.


Print Media

While some look at print media as the vinyl records of advertising, there’s nothing sweeter than flipping through the liner notes and allowing yourself to become lost in the warmth of a tangible experience. A well constructed project is subversive. It requires conscious engagement by the reader leading to a profound connection that communicates your message. Allow our proven experience to to guide the way.

Print Media

Technology Merged With Experience

A carpenter or blacksmith can only be as good as his tools and the same rings true for us. Experience merged with the latest technology results in longevity for your efforts and investment. Surf Star Media utilizes a variety of Apple products and Adobe Creative Cloud to ensure maximum creativity and compatibility with industrial printers.

Anyone can go out and buy this technology, however it’s the mastery of our tools that sets us apart. The digital landscape is continually evolving and therefor so are we to remain innovative and competitive. Technology is an inherent passion of ours, it‘s fun to be on the cutting edge of new gizmos but it‘s rewarding to use these tools in new ways to help you succeed.

Coconut Wireless

Elegant designs are timeless and captivating.

What are your needs? Advertising, business strategies, or full publication? We have the eye and experience to separate you from the over saturation.

Non-Standard Elements