From getting your music on iTunes, Amazon, and Pandora to digitally publishing your novel on iBooks, Kobo, and INscribeDigital, Surf Star Media gets your finished product into the hands of the world. The most rewarding part of finishing something you've created is sharing it. Allow us to bridge the gap and help you generate revenue.


From in-depth analytics finding your strengths and building upon them, to establishing new campaigns and goals, Surf Star Media has the experience to get you noticed. We've handled successful campaigns for Sony Music, Major League Baseball, Vans Warped Tour, and countless companies and individuals- viral, guerrilla, print, radio, and tv.


Digital & Tradition Distribution

Creating a quality product is the most important aspect of your project, getting that product into the hands of paying customers is the second. Self-publishing your work can be daunting. There’s enormous hurdles and gatekeepers restricting what can be sold and where. Want your music to be downloaded on iTunes? Your novel available on Amazon? Surf Star Media can make your work available throughout the world’s largest distributors and market it so that people actually purchase it.

If you’re serious about turning your passion into a career and have exhausted yourself trying to self-publish, turning to a professional that can distribute your work to the masses can be the key to unlocking your success. Having your physical product or digital download cards available while you play live concerts or make guest appearances only makes sense, distributing those products to retail and digital marketplaces throughout the world is the next logical step.

Digital and Traditional Distribution

You're The Star

Careers have all shapes and sizes.

What are your goals? Releasing a new book? Growing your Twitter followers? Starting a new business? We take an honest and realistic approach to deliver results.

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