About Us
Surf Star Media is more than design and development. Our goal within each project is to deliver meaningful engagement. We create the conduit that bridges digital opportunities and real-life experiences.

Who You're Working With

Sean Hammond

I am the owner and operator of Surf Star Media. I'm basically a freelancer and contractor–a hired gun brought in to invigorate content and manage projects.

Founded In 2004

Surf Star Media began out of necessity. Because I was the youngest working in a cubie in an office, my bosses assumed I understood technology. Their pet projects got me out of my regular work, so I accepted the challenge. I learned Photoshop and video editing as I went. I eventually started street teaming for bands and we needed flyers. Then we needed a website. Then I was asked to run audio.

After almost two decades, I've been fortunate to build quite the resume. I've worked with some of biggest pop stars, celebrities, and athletes. I've traveled across North America on a rock n' roll tour bus, I've been on expeditions to some of the most remote regions in the country, I've helped ball players win championship rings–and I spent my time documenting it. I've written three books and managed to earn a B.A. in Philosophy from UNLV.

Here's a few of the organizations I've worked with:

Who Do We Build For?

The majority of our customers are small business owners. Mechanics, electricians, framing companies, general contractors, and real estate agents. These people are looking a professional web presence – a sleek portfolio to showcase their work to customers and legitimize their business.

Artists, Musicians, Authors, and Athletes

We also have a tremendous background of working within the entertainment industry. We love to build e-commerce sites that help creative minds sell their art, music, and books. We're passionate about showcasing your talent to sponsors and agents. It's important to interact with fans and keep your tour dates and event calendars updated. Combine your new website with an online marketing plan, social networking, and email campaigns to engage all avenues of the web and reap the full benefits of your efforts.

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